EMC’s Compact Split-Image Lighted ACP Switch

SW44797-PR-3-300x212Electro-Mech Components, Inc. has introduced the Series SW44863 Split-Image Switch Series offering an ideal solution for high-density instrumentation panels and display areas in a compact footprint. Designed in a low-profile, unitized housing, these compact switches feature SMT LED’s on a built in PCB for backlighting the 0.51 x 0.42 size pushbutton. Pushbutton lenses feature hidden legend lenses with multiple color options for backlighting. The multi-image and horizontal or split legend faces save valuable panel space to maximize small area limitations.

The SW44863 unit is SPST circuitry, one normally open circuit, momentary snap feel, and legends can be customized to panel requirements. The new switches can be provided with two or four LED’s for split light segments. Units can be supplied individually and easily installed directly to the PCB. An optional clear or translucent (smoke) grey lens cover is available for protection or to achieve hidden legends.

Switch ratings are 0.1 Amps resistive, 0.05 Amp inductive at 30VDC or 125VAC. Other features of the SW44863 include an operating pressure of 32 oz. (± 5 oz.), switch travel of 0.030″, weight of less than one ounce, and a rated life of 100,000 minimum actuations. Interconnect with PC pins to mount directly to the PCB.

Unit pricing depends upon final configuration. Please call EMC for pricing. Typical lead time is 8 weeks ARO. Complete specifications are available upon request. Custom configurations are also available.

Electro-Mech Components, Inc. is located 15 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in South El Monte, California and specializes in the design and manufacture of illuminated pushbutton switches, indicator lights, potentiometer+switch assemblies, and multi-switch interlocking assemblies. The company operates its switch manufacturing and shelter manufacturing plants in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico.

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