Custom Product Solutions

Electro-Mech has developed hundreds of custom switches to meet specific customer application requirements. Here are a few that demonstrated EMC’s custom switch capabilities:



Industry: Public transportation
End Use Application: On board DVR security system
Description: Dual color LED switch with wire harness and connector, individually packaged and labeled to customer’s specifications.
EMC Part Number: SW44834
EMC Product Solution: Series 20 pushbutton switch, with bi-color LED, with custom wire leads, with Molex crimp pin and Molex housing.



Industry: Automotive
End Use Application: Panic switch for auto / taxi floorboard
Description: Rugged, sealed switch with metal button and sealed wired leads for mounting in floor board. Panic switch pressed by driver sends cellular signal to police in emergency situations.
EMC Part Number: SW43518
EMC Product Solution: Series 5300 pushbutton switch, with metal button, with custom wire leads.



Industry: Instrumentation / General
End Use Application: Indicator light or Push-to-Test indicator light for annunciator board
Description: Cross reference to switch competitor product series that was discontinued. EMC was able to meet mounting hole diameter and behind panel depth requirements.
EMC Part Number: SW43716
EMC Product Solution: Series 6100 pushbutton switch, with custom case, with custom button and built-in LED