Electro-Mech’s Multi-Image Lighted Pushbutton Switch

SW44895-pr-photo-300x227Electro-Mech’s new SW44895 quad lamp pushbutton switch assembly has been expanded to include multiple options to meet industry requirements, including rubber dust boot for panel protection and enlarged lens cap to match industry standard sizes. Offering dual and quad lighted displays in a versatile range of SPST to DPDT switch functions, the SW44895 units can be singly used in place of up to four individual switches, thereby reducing panel mounting requirements by up to 75%. Available in a variety of different lens cap, legend and filter materials, the unit is capable of display configurations in split, quad or full segments, and can provide both continuous visible legends and hidden legends that become visible when switch functions are activated. Press-on secure lens caps are available in a variety of materials to also provide exacting front panel installations, important to ergonomics, safety and appearance. End use application is ideal for flight cockpit or simulation, as specifications match industry standards.

The SW44895 installs from the front of the panel and attaches via a mounting sleeve that retains the switch housing, fitting into an industry-standard 0.698” square hole. With easy lamp or LED replacement from the front, the unit accepts both T-1 (3mm) sub-midget flange-based LED’s and lamps, offering maximum brightness and redundancy. Switch action is available in momentary, momentary snap-feel, or alternate action.

Performance specifications for the SW44895 (from Series 644-2100) lighted pushbutton switches are led by an extended life capability of 100,000 minimum actuations. Ratings are 2.0A resistive, 0.5A inductive, with operating pressure of 2 lbs. ± 1 lb (909g ± 454g), plunger travel 0.187 inches nominal (4.7mm). Lamp circuits are independent. Lens protrusion 0.250 standard, but can be modified. Switch contacts are silver plated (gold plating optional). Interconnect is provided with standard EMC solder lugs and accept 20AWG wiring (PC pin terminals are available). The switch housing requires less than 3.0 inches behind display panel. The unit is designed to meet applicable military and stringent commercial standards, including seal, moisture resistance, vibration, temperature, shock and environmental requirements, and is rated to IP64 protection standards.

For unit pricing, please contact the factory. Lead time is typically 12 weeks ARO. Complete specifications are available on request.

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