SW44863 ACP Channel Select Switch


  • Compact size <1.10″ behind panel depth
  • Horizontal split image lens
  • Momentary snap-click feel with SPST circuit
  • Button size 0.51″ x 0.42″

Electro-Mech has introduced its SW44863 split-image switch series offering an ideal solution for high density instrumentation panels. Typical application is for channel select pushbutton switch in avionics audio control panels. Pushbutton lenses feature hidden legend lenses with multiple LED color options. Typical design includes LED illumination at 5VDC with two independent LED circuits.

Ratings: 0.10A at 30 volts DC
Weight: 0.5 oz. (14g) (approx.)
Operating Pressure: 32 oz.+ 5 oz.
Switch Action: Momentary with Snap-Click
Actuations: 250,000 minimum at rated load
Contacts: Silver plated (gold plating optional)
Terminals: Switch circuit pins (2) and 2X LED circuit pins (4) are all rear facing for direct PCB mounting
LED Colors: Amber, White, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow
Lamp or LED: Custom legends available (not replaceable)