Series 65-210 & 73-210 Front Panel Mount Indicator Lights


  • Stand alone indicators
  • Accommodates EMC lens L53/L63/L57/L67 series
  • T 1-3/4 MFB LED’s or incandescent lamps
  • Front panel mount

Model 65-210
Available in two mounting styles:

CS = snap in from front of the panel with Clip Springs sample part number: 65CS-210,L63R
HM = mounts from back of the panel, and is attached to the panel by a U-shaped bracket and 2 screws e.g. 65HM-210,L53W or just 65-210,L53W
CS: Standard CS for panels up to 0.125 thick
CSZ: For panels 0.125-0.250, specify CSZ
Material: Black GE Lexan (also available in white or grey) Lens: Accepts EMC L53* or L63* size pushbutton lens Lamp: Lens accepts one T 1-3/4 (5mm) mfb lamp or LED