Series 500 Multi Station Interlocking Assembly


  • Multi switch interlocking switch assembly
  • Mounts from front of panel
  • Single or double row
  • Uses EMC Series 2100 or 2600 switches
  • Mounting on 7/8″ centers available
  • Chrome barriers separate lenses

Electro-Mech Series 500 offers a line of front panel mounting assemblies which utilize Series 2100 or Series 2600 pushbutton switches. These assemblies feature long lasting chrome barriers that border each individual lens and adds a clean and durable appearance to the front panel. Assemblies are available in four styles with each being able to utilize all ten types of tracking action and switching sequences, as listed with the Series 400 specifications. The chart below shows the dimensional configurations for three of the four different styles (single row or double row, 0.87″ or 1.00″ centers) and can be custom modified to meet specific requirements.
Mounting: Series 500 assemblies push in from the front of the panel and attach with a mating U shaped mounting bracket behind the panel. Mounting bracket is attached to the switch assembly with screws as provided behind the panel.

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: (Series 2100 or 2600)
Ratings: 30 volts DC or 125 volts AC; 2.0A resistive, 0.5A inductive
Operating Pressure: 2 lbs.+ 1 lb. (908g + 454g)
Plunger Travel: 0.187 nominal (4.7mm)
Note: Switches accomodate standard EMC lenses and options. Lenses accomodate one T 1-3/4 mfb lamp or LED.