Incandescent Lamp & LEDs


  • Fits into all EMC pushbutton lenses
  • Standard sizes T 1-3/4 MFB and T-1 SMFB
  • LED’s or incandescent lamps
  • Voltage and color specifications

Electro-Mech Components offers four methods to illuminate its switches and lenses:
1) T 1-3/4 midget flange base incandescent lamps: see the Incandescent Lamps table below. 2) T 1-3/4 midget flange base LED’s with built in resistor: see LED Ordering Information below. 3) custom LED solutions where the LED (single color or multi color) is built into the
switch/lens assembly. Please call the factory for specifications and drawings of existing designs. (4) T 1-3/4 midget flange base neon lamp with built-in 18K resistor: p/n D5-18.