SW44146 LED Switch


  • Compact, light weight design
  • Single color LED (amber)
  • 8 ounce operating pressure
  • Translucent clear lens cap
  • Circuitry SPST to 2PDT
  • Momentary switch action
  • Mounts into 3/8″ diameter mounting hole

Ratings: 30VDC or 115VAC, 2a Resistive, 0.5a Inductive
Operating Pressure: 8oz +/- 4oz
Plunger Travel: 0.120 Approximate
Actuations: 100,000 Minimum
Contacts: Silver Plated
Terminals: Standard EMC Solder Lug.
Switch Type: Momentary, Illuminated with LED, See Datasheet for Circuitry
Lens Color: See Datasheet
Case: Black Anodized
Knurled Flange Nut: Black Anodized