SW43896 Autopilot Disengage Switch


  • Metal case, snap action switch
  • Circuitry 2PDT or 4PDT
  • Momentary or Alternate Action
  • W modification IAW Mil-S-22885 sealing requirements

Electro-Mech SW43896 is derived from EMC Series S570. SW43896 is 4PST, non-illuminated switch used for aircraft avionics as the Boeing 7×7 Autopilot Disengage Switch. This product series was formerly manufacturing by Pendar/General Instruments/Pollak Pendar Switchlight Division (721101A1).

Ratings: 28VDC, 1.0 Amp resistive, 0.25 Amp inductive, Sea Level to 50,000 feet
Life: 50,000 cycles at rated load
Dielectric Strength: 1,000 VRMS between leads and case, and leads to each other
Operating Force: 1.5 lb. min/5.0 lb. max
Action: Momentary (Snap Feel)
Potting: Scotchcast #9, P/N 325011, 0.05 min. over terminals, not to extend beyond max. case diameter