SW43728 Heart Defibrillator Switch


  • Compact momentary switch
  • Up to 2PDT switch circuitry
  • <1.8″ behind panel depth
  • Custom lens symbol
  • 3/4″ diameter lens
  • <1 oz. total weight

Electro-Mech Components, Inc. introduces the new SW43728 illuminated momentary pushbutton switch. Featuring a minimal weight of just under one ounce and a reduced overall length of 1.77″, the new switch is ideally suited for medical applications such as external defibrillator control panels where weight and size are important requirements. Flush mount design provides safety by preventing accidental actuation.

Ratings: 30vdc or 115vac, 2a resistive, 0.5a inductive
Weight: 1.0 ounce maximum
Operating Pressure: 32 ± 16 ounces
Switch Travel: 0.100 nominal (2.54mm) (approx.)
Actuations: 100,000 minimum
Contacts: silver plated
Terminals: standard EMC solder lug
Switch Action: Momentary
Lamp: D330, 14vdc, 80mA, 0.50 mscp, one piece included