Series S570 Snap Action Pushbutton Switch


  • Metal case, snap action switch
  • Circuitry 2PDT or 4PDT
  • Momentary or Alternate Action
  • W modification IAW Mil-S-22885 sealing requirements
  • LED or incandescent back lighting

Electro-Mech Series S570 is a compact, snap-action DPDT (or 4PDT) switch with an independent lamp circuit. The switch series is available in both 2 Form C (DPDT) or 4 Form C (4PDT) versions which are ideal for reliable power circuit operation where snap- action switching is preferred. The S570 is a rugged switch (designed to meet Mil-PRF-22885) that has been increasingly applied in the most demanding commercial and industrial applica- tions. This product series was formerly manufacturing by Pendar/General Instruments/Pollak Pendar Switchlight Division.

Ratings: at 28vdc: 2.0A resistive, 0.5A ind. at 125vac: 1A resistive
Contact Bounce: 500 microsecond nominal
Contact Resistance: 0.015 ohm initially, 0.025 ohm after life
Dielectric Strength: 1,000 VRMS
Insulation Resistance: 1,000 megaohm at 500vdc
Life at Rated Load: 50,000 cycles minimum
Weight: 0.6 oz. (17g) (approx.)
Operating Pressure: 2 lbs.+ 1 lb. (908g + 454g)
Plunger Travel: 0.125 approx. (3.2mm)
Lens Retention: 4 lbs.+ 1 lb. (1.8kg + 454g)
Hardware Supplied: hex nut (9/16”-32) and lockwasher
Terminals: Special solder lug terminals only.
Lens: Accommodates special PD style lens, any EMC color.
Lamp or LED: Accommodates one T 1-3/4 (5mm) midget flange base lamp or LED. Lamp circuit is independent.