Series S510 & S520 Momentary Switch


  • Metal case, Momentary snap action switch
  • Circuitry SPST illuminated
  • Only 3/4″ behind panel depth
  • 0.323 dia. Mounting hole
  • Accomodates T-1 smfb lamp or LED
  • Front panel re-lampable

Formerly manufactured as Pendar/Clare Pendar and General Instruments S520. Series S520 models can be provided with wire leads, ribbon cable or direct-mount PCB pins. For non-illuminated Series S510, contact factory for applicable custom drawing(s).

Ratings: 30 volts DC or 125 volts AC; 1.0A resistive, 0.5A inductive
Operating Pressure: 24 oz.+ 8 oz. (680g + 226g)
Plunger Travel: 0.070 nominal (1.8mm)
Actuations: 100,000 minimum
Contacts: Silver plated (gold plating optional)
Terminals: Standard EMC solder lug. Accepts two 20 AWG wires.
Switch type: Momentary snap-feel, SPST, 1 N.O. circuit, illuminated, base is sealed to case.
Lens: Accommodates 0.25” (6.4mm) dia. lens. For lens colors, see Ordering Information.
Lamp or LED: Accommodates a T-1 (3mm) sub-midget flange base lamp or LED. None supplied. Lamp circuit is independent.