Series 900-SMT Lighted Pushbutton Switch with SMT-LEDs on PCB

Series 900

  • Multi SMT-LEDs on PCB for backlighting
  • Circuitry SPST to 6PDT
  • Momentary or Alternate Action
  • 7/8″ sq. mounting hole
  • Split and Hidden legends

Ratings: 30 volts DC or 125 volts AC, 1.0A res., 0.5A ind.
Life: 100,000 cycles minimum
Weight: 0.8 oz. (23 g) (max.)
Operating Pressure: 2 lbs. + 1 lbs. (908g + 454g)
Plunger Travel: 0.187″ (4.7mm) (approx.)
Terminals: EMC solder lug terminals. Accepts two 20 AWG wires. PC pins or pigtails also available.
Pushbutton Lenses: See part number table on data sheets.
LEDs: Lens accommodates up to 8 SMT LEDs on PCB inside lens base assembly. Polarity must be specified; see Datasheet.  Voltages 12vdc or 28vdc.