L150 Pushbutton Lenses


  • Single lamp and LED pushbutton lenses
  • Mates with most EMC switch series
  • Replacable legend lens caps
  • Hidden legend lens caps
  • Photo positive and negative legend films

Electro-Mech Series L150 Replaceable Legend Lenses are essentially non-wearing, utilizing a GE LexanTM molded top over cap which protects lens legend. Engravings or films on face of lens display are protected by the lens cover. Opaque sides prevent light spill-over. Filters may be specified in a variety of colors. Legends are replaceable enabling display changes and ultimately broader usage and flexibility of the same basic switch or indicator light across several applications. Translucent lens plate conceals color filter until lamp/LED is illuminated. All lenses accomodate one T 1-3/4 midget flange based lamp or LED. Lenses are removable from the front panel for re-lamping.

Versatile interchangeability with other switch models, choice of color and engravings and non-wearing, clear, acrylic design enables wide-ranging uses of the Electro-Mech Series L150 Replaceable Legend Lens. Lenses may be ordered with a variety of options including clear, frosted or smoke grey top lens cap, and photo positive or negative mylar film legending. Available for most EMC switches.