SW44832 Edgelit Potentiometer Switch

SW44832 Edgelit Potentiometer Switch

  • Compact size
  • Edgelit knob (optional) for edgelit panel
  • Momentary snap-click feel with SPST circuit
  • Rotary potentiometer + pushbutton switch

Electro-Mech has introduced its SW44832 potentiometer+switch assembly with both rotary and push-on switch functionality for maximum operational control. The SPST device offers a rotary potentiometer with 10K-ohm resistance, an edgelit knob, and snap-dome switch circuit for long life and reliability. Assembly features front facing PC pins for easy plug in assembly, and measures less than 1.25 behind panel depth.

Ratings: 0.10A at 30 volts DC
Operating Pressure: 42 oz. + 7 oz.
Weight: 0.5 oz. (14 g) (approx.)
Switch Action: Momentary w/ Snap-Click
Actuations: 250,000 min. at rated load.
Contacts: Silver plated (Gold Plating also available).
Terminals: Switch circuit pins (2) and Potentiometer circuit pins (3) are all front facing pins.
Illumination: Designed to include edgelit knob for installation into edgelit panel for Audio Control Panel signal switch.

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